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CENTOFORM, set up in 2001, is a Vocational Training Centre recognized with Quality Accredition on training by the Emilia Romagna Region, Italy, a region characterised by a strong dynamic economy and an important research tradition. We deliver qualified services in the following sectors: human resources development; vocational training for employees, unemployed, senior and young managers; professional lifelong learning and updating; courses for the enhancement of SMEs and for their human resources’ professional competences; ICT; business consulting; organization consulting. 

The staff (25 employees and 15 external professionals) is composed by VET senior projects managers, administrative staff, senior and junior consultants with expertise in the fields of training, business planning, consulting, research, management and financial reporting on Italian, European and international funds and projects (E.S.F., W.B., LLP).

The VET Centre crated in time an operative multiregional and international relationship network with SMEs, public institutions, VET schools, universities and R&D centres. It is partner of Confindustria, the main italian industrialist association, and it works in collaboration with representatives and clusters of productive sectors at National, European and International level.
We hold 13 years proven experience in design and management of VET courses on mechanics and metal work (CAD-CAM designers, machine operators and other job profiles connected to the specific field), experiences in vocational training projects of qualification and requalification for enterprises after crisis.

EXPERIENCES AND FIGURES in the field of training and employability: 
In 2015 Centoform has been appointed to run Employment Centers in Ferrara Province for an expected target groups of 2.000 to 5.000 unemployed people for counsellling and training activities; 2010 Centoform has been appointed by Emilia Romagna County to manage requalification courses for more than 900 employees coming from firms in crisis in the mechanical sector. Centoform has also been appointed by Puglia Region and the Ministry of Labour for managing a requalification project for 150 workers in the field of aerospace skills development in 2013. Centoform organized and managed, in strict partnership with social partners, enterprises and national public authorities, a particularly successful project in 2011-2012: it consisted in conceiving the whole Training Plan for retraining 116 redundant workers (former employees of the company British American Tabacco Italia S.p.a. and Franci Group S.r.l.) in Puglia Region.The 8 months training was aimed at immediate re-employment, and the employment rate after 6 months from the end of the training has been of 104 workers reemployed. The total budget of the managed project was Euro 770.000. As for LLP progrramme Centoform hosted an LLP visit in 2012 and its staff partcipated to 2 LLP study visits and 1 Grundtvig training in terms of skills investment for its key staff. We hosted a Young Entrepreneur in 2012 from Belgium.

In a difficult economic period, cooperation between local actors from the worlds of VET and work is fundamental to achieve the objectives of a smart, sustainable and inclusive economy, for an effective and durable rising of employment rate. This is important for Centoform because it developed an integrated system for matching skills’ supply and demand, with a proven specific experience in mechanical engineering sector,. The focus on the mechanical engineering sector is due to the local economic context: the territory of Emilia Romagna Region is characterized by a strong industrial vocation: highly integrated industrial clusters, highly specialized small and medium enterprises, a dense network of subcontracting and supply relationships, openness to inovation and international markets with a predominance of highly skilled manufacturing expertise.

For the economy of Cento (Ferrara County) , where VET headquarters are located, mechanical industry is the leading sector: it counts for approximately 70% of the total industrial panorama of Cento. Because of the high concentration of mechanical companies, Cento can be defined by itself a local manufacturing system, a mechanical district.
The economic crisis and the earthquake (May 2012) have severely affected this area, which is one of the most important production areas of the Region and the Country as a whole in terms of GDP. FIAT Chrysler (FCA now) for example produces diesel engines for US Jeeps models in Cento plant, employing 850 people, and the R&D department is an excellence unit in Italy as for diesel development.

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