VETBUS 2017 - 2019

VETBUS is an “exchange of best practices” project in area of VET, focused on guidance activities for students and their families in choosing the right education and training path, particularly VET schools in line with market needs and skills demands by companies. 

The project also addresses issues connected to skills development, employability and education-business relationships. 

VETBUS involves 10 European partners: 2 VET centers, 2 VET schools, 2 public authorities, 1 foundation, 1 Employers association and 2 private enterprises representing industry.

Countries involved:

Italy, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain

Aim of the project is to improve the attractiveness and image of vocational education and training, because VET leads to high-quality jobs and increases employability: there are great vocational training opportunities that successfully prepare students for interesting and challenging careers according to companies’ demands in Europe.

A second objective is the creation of effective local partnerships among education and training key actors, public authorities, companies, social partners. This can foster sustainable local policies regarding skills development for youth, increase of matching between skills required by companies and educational offer and future policies on education and employment.


- lack of attractiveness of VET seen as secondary choice by students and families

- distance between companies and education systems for students’ guidance activities

- lack of coordinated local policies on education and employment


Italy: VETBUS Vocational Skills Bus

Students and parents, welcomed in local companies’ premises for understanding real skills needs and companies’ requested job profiles for future correct vocational and educational choice in line with job market. Since 2012.

Poland: Sectoral Council for Competence

Employers in economic specific sectors empower students, education and training practitioners in order to adapt Polish education system to the needs of employers. Since 2016.

Spain: El Baul del Estudiante

A fair of education and VET addressed to young people, organized by 17 years by Elda Municipality to provide information about different options related to training, schools, companies

Norway: A social contract for more apprenticeships

An effective practice boosting work-based learning, apprenticeship and employment for young people in Agder County with the full involvement of public authorities, companies, social partners, schools and VET centers though a social contract for territorial development and employment policies.

Romania: Fashion design skills

Activities within schools and companies in the economic sector of Fashion design and tailoring for reducing skills mismatch between training and companies’ needs in this innovative and international sector.