European skills week 2017 - Vocational skills bus

Centoform  as Vocational Education and training center joined to the 2nd EU skills week organized by the European Commission for guiding youth learners in choosing the right vocational paths for their future.

Together with Cento local municipality, schools and a local Youth Association a series of initiatives were organized involving students, families and companies, opening their doors for guiding youngsters to the right vocational choice.

Vocational skills Bus was a five months’ programme of seminars, open doors and visits in companies through non formal activities (Bus) for parents and students. Main aim: To get informed on the right vocational choice connected to right skills for future employability.

Some figures: More than 520 students, more than 100 parents and 50 professors involved. 10 companies opened their doors (large companies, SMEs) telling to students what specific skills they will look for in the future and what transversal skills are searched in winning candidates.

The Vocational Skills Bus will be transferred as good practice in 2017 through an Erasmus KA2 Action under construction with partners from Poland, Romania, Spain, Norway.

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