Workshop “Making the Circular Economy work for Sustainability: From theory to practice”


Making the Circular Economy work for Sustainability: From theory to practice

Ferrara & Rovigo, Italy - April 6-8, 2020


Call for Papers

The Centre for Research in Circular economy, Innovation and SMEs (CERCIS) and SEEDS (Sustainability, Environmental Economics and Dynamics Studies) of the University of Ferrara are glad to announce their joint organization of an international Workshop titled

Making the circular economy work for sustainability: from theory to practice

The circular economy (CE) is pervasively considered and often implicitly assumed to be a novel and major avenue towards sustainability. Academic scholars and (professional and policy) practitioners are unanimously cavalier about this relationship. On a deeper scrutiny, however, the link between CE and sustainability appears weak, if not even elusive.

Starting from these premises, the Workshop aims at stimulating the theoretical and empirical debate on the mechanisms that eventually enable us to establish that a relationship between CE and sustainability does actually exist, and to characterize its nature. Such a debate is crucial to achieve a deeper knowledge on how policy makers can best use the CE to promote sustainability.

The Workshop will start with the official presentation of the 2020 release of the EEA (European Environment Agency) Sustainability Report, which this year is titled Sustainability transition in Europe in the age of demographic and technological change. Implications for fiscal revenues and financial investments. The EEA Report, to which SEEDS members have contributed, will be presented by Stefan Speck (EEA).

The Workshop calls for papers on the several specificities of this broad issue, among which the following represent a non-exclusive list:

  •   the economic dividend of the circular economy;

  •   the environmental effects of the circular economy;

  •   the impacts of the circular economy on society;

  •   firms and households as main enablers of a sustainable circular economy;

  •   policies for a sustainable circular economy.

    Keynote Lectures

    Jesús Alquézar Sabadie (EU-Commission, DG Environment) Florian Flachenecker (EU-Commission, JRC)


Prospective presenters are invited to submit a long abstract (min. 500 words) or a draft paper to by February 21, 2020. Please include a cover page with your name, title, affiliation, address, phone number and e-mail address. Submitted proposals will be evaluated by the scientific committee of the Workshop, and a decision of acceptance or refusal will be provided without additional motivations to that about their suitability to the Workshop. Presenters should register (via email) to attend the Workshop by March 22. The detailed final programme will be available on April 1.

Deadlines and Participation

February 21, 2020 March 8, 2020 March 22, 2020

submission of draft papers / long abstracts notification of acceptance

The Workshop is open to students, scholars, practitioners and stakeholders involved in the area of the circular economy. The participation is free of charge, but registration is necessary to attend the Workshop.

Scientific Committee

Jesús Alquézar Sabadie (EU-Commission, DG Environment), Nicolò Barbieri (University of Ferrara), Chiara Continenza (European Investment Bank)*, Alessio D’Amato (University of Rome “Tor Vergata”), Fernando Diaz- Lopez (INNO4SD, Stellenbosch University), Fabio Eboli (ENEA), Marinella Favot (AREA Science Park, Trieste), Florian Flachenecker (EU-Commission, JRC), Claudia Ghisetti (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), Marianna Gilli (University of Ferrara), Tullio Gregori (University of Trieste), Jens Horbach (University of Augsburg), Susanna Mancinelli (University of Ferrara), Giovanni Marin (University of Urbino), Antonio Massarutto (University of Udine), Massimiliano Mazzanti (University of Ferrara), Sandro Montresor (Gran Sasso Science Institute, L’Aquila), Fabio Morea (AREA Science Park, Trieste), Stefan Speck (EEA), Roberto Zoboli (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Milan), Jacopo Zotti (University of Trieste).

Workshop Venue


The Workshop will take place at the University of Ferrara (Department of Economics and Management, Ferrara Campus & Department of Law, Rovigo Campus).


Please address any inquiries about the event to

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The members of the Scientific Committee act in their personal capacity, and not in that of their employers.

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