European project “ILA-LEAN”

The ILA-LEAN project aims at developing didactic materials to improve knowledge concerning the implementation of Lean Thinking in the workplace. Most companies are aware of Lean Thinking, but it is generally usually only in practice in the production area. Many companies, however, have realised that there is much waste in other areas of the company such as in offices, therefore the knowledge and identification and thus elimination of waste would also be beneficial in these areas.

Objectives of the project are:

  • Increase the cooperation among educational institutions and enterprises in EU for better employability
  • Increase the synergic use of up-to-date technologies, in an integrated way, with a teamwork approach and personal development
  • Improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning of vocational contents on lean in Office and Knowledge of how it works and the workplace
  • Increase the opportunity for distance learning
  • Upgrade and innovate existing training tools.

Countries involved: Italy, Poland, Norway, Portugal, Finland.

The Ila-lean project takes into account the results of LEAN (2015-2017), a project guided by Centoform about Lean Thinking in the manufacturing sector.

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