European project “GISWELM”

GISWELM project is a Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices project in the area of VET education, promoting partnership among 5 organizations (4 VET providers and 1 chamber of commerce) and providing new methods for delivering career guidance addressed to students (16-18 years old).

Countries involved: Italy, Spain, Germany, Denmark.

The main goal of the project “GISWELM” is to increase the employability and career perspectives of our students on EU-level by encouraging students to look for employment in economically thriving areas. In order to do so, we want to improve their cultural knowledge and awareness to meet the requirements of possible future employers.

The project will lead to more qualified and confident future job-seekers, it will increase cultural knowledge among all involved parties and hopefully, make local employers aware of the many opportunities in hiring also foreign students and job-seekers in the future.

The project will put the cultural theories and models of Richard Gesteland into a contemporary setting, enlightening the synergies between culture and employability. Concrete evaluation criteria will be developed regarding employers’ needs and what the young must do to become more attractive to the European work market. Participants (students, teachers, companies) will become aware of the importance of cultural knowledge in the process of finding employment.

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