IFTS Internazionale - Junior Expert in Circular Economy

Junior export in circular economy

The blended learning course “Junior Expert in Circular Economy” will train 25 European young people who are qualified with a school diploma (e.g. Licei, Abitur, Matura, Baccalauréat, upper secondary, or vocational school certificates) and preferably are neither in employment nor education or training. 

The course will equip the participants with the necessary tools and skills needed for sustainable development and circular transition in economy and society. Following the 3 Rs (reduce, reuse and recycle), they e.g. gain skills in the analysis, evaluation and improvement of manufacturing processes, impact assessment methods, total quality management for environmental sustainability, entrepreneurship and digital literacy.

The course is taught in English and is composed of 800 hours: 480 hours of interactive online classes complemented with a live training in Ferrara, Italy (currently scheduled for September-October 2021) and 320 hours of internship (currently scheduled for June-August 2021).

Applications are open until 31/10/2020. Start your application.

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Teaching Blocks

Block A Modules

1. Introduction to circular and sustainable economy.

2. Profile of a higher technician for circular economy.

3. Companies potential to improve sustainability.

Block B Modules

4. Environmental innovation in industrial production processes.

5. Management and evaluation methodologies and tools.

6. Quality management and environmental certifications.

Block C Modules

7. Redesigning products and new business models for services.

8. Activating companies’ teams for circular innovation.

9. Entrepreneurial skills.

Block Internship

During their internship (currently scheduled for June-August 2021) students will be placed in a company located in their own countries, where they will complete 320 hours of work experience. During this time participants will get a broad view of the life cycle of a product, will use standard tools that they can apply in professional life and will contribute to a company’s or institution’s innovation process.


Course Organizers


Daniela Sani

ART-ER develops a number of initiatives with the objective to consolidate the employability of human resources in the research and TT field, by empowering their competences and their synergies with businesses.


Chiara Pancaldi

VET centre located in Emilia Romagna, Italy for more than 15 years it has been providing LLL and TVET trainings for adults, demonstrating the efficacy of post-secondary and tertiary non-university courses, representing a pillar of the regional education system with an average employment rate equal to 70%.

myclimate Foundation 

Florian Strasser

Swiss non-profit organisation for climate protection and sustainable development, both globally and locally. The expertise covers high-quality climate protection projects, climate-friendly/sustainable business solutions, and action-oriented educational, vocational and capacity building courses enabling employees, apprentices and students to contribute to climate protection and sustainability.

Tallinn University of Technology

Veiko Karu

The only technological university in Estonia which is the flagship of Estonian engineering and technology education. TalTech supports sustainable development through R&D and science based higher education in the field of engineering and technology.

University of Oulu

Sanna Päivärinta-Antikainen

Multidisciplinary research and education community and one of the biggest universities in Finland. It is the coordinator of the EIT-RM ADMA doctoral course focusing on doctoral training and generating experts in RM area in academia and industry.